How to Make Your Kitchen Look Organized And Mess Free

A messy kitchen is everyone’s nightmare and yet a reality for everyone at some point in their life. With your fast-paced life and so many things to do, organizing your kitchen can be so time-consuming and challenging each day. However, there are a few tips and tricks that can help you to organize your kitchen impeccable through simple strategies. Keep reading to know more.

Easy to use Lazy Susan Hack

If you are prone to spilling those cumin seeds all over your kitchen, opt for an easy to clean ‘Lazy Susan’ to store your essential spices. Not only does it save you from spilling food all over the place, but it also helps you to stay organized.

Book space

If you are like me, you swear by your cookbook. Make sure that they are not exposed to humidity and grease from a fridge or oven. Also, remember to keep them away from the burner at all times.

Hang on!

Hang you aprons, spoons and dish towels on pegs. They look organized, are easily accessible and help to free up space for you.

Smart storing

Make sure to store your dishes and utensils as per priority. Choose lower shelves for everyday items and choose higher shelves to store items that you may not use every day like specialty dessert bowls, plates, glasses, etc.

Group similar categories

If you organize all your bakeware in a single cupboard or drawer, chances are that you may not have to search the entire kitchen for the mixing spatula when you are baking next time. Make sure to categorize and put items used together in the same cabinet. It helps your kitchen to stay organized, clean and easy to use. Hanging pots, pans and spatulas near your cooking space will help you reach them easily and stay organized.

Organizing the flatware

If you have a drawer to organize your spoons, forks, bottle openers and knives, all in one, consider buying a spoon organizer to store everything category-wise. That way you will end up stocking identical items in one compartment.

Organizing plastic containers

Starting from the biggest to smallest, if you organize containers in the order of their size, you are likely to save so much trouble finding the right container at the right time. Plus, you have it all organized. The same trick can be followed for the lids as well.

Pan and pot covers

To make sure you do not chip or break the covers, stack them upside down in your pots or pans. This way the knob will be safe and you can still stack the pots and pans, one on top of the other.


Using baskets to store adds not only to the organizing but also to the overall appeal of the kitchen. Neatly organized baskets and food inside them looks good and serves great utility.

Stashing items over the door

Consider investing in over the door storage options. Not only do they help to stay organized, they also help to save space and create a neat overall look to your home.


The contributor is an expert from A1 Maids, Toronto’s premium home cleaning service offering fast, clean and professional services to their clients.

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