Summer Cleaning Advice

Summer is an amazing, yet busy time, especially for parents whose kids will be spending most of their time at home during their vacation away from school. Tidying up our home before the summer hits will help us relax in the days ahead. Listed below are a few tips that can ensure a clean home during warmer days.

Start with decluttering. Having too many items lying around will result in a greater collection of allergens, such as dust. Organizing the clutter around your home will help you minimize the cleaning time required each day. Get rid of any unused items and categorize everything into designated drawers and cabinets. An orderly house is less likely to get messy easily.

Dust and clutter are significant problems in the bedroom. Begin tidying up the bedrooms by storing clutter away appropriately into their designated storage areas. Collect all the items that do not belong in a side pile to be sorted later.

After that, move onto dusting window sills, shelves, mini blinds, tables, lamps, along with computer and television screens with a clean and damp cloth. Clean your mirror and windows naturally with a warm-water and vinegar solution. Wash all bed linens with hot water to disinfect them. Vacuum the upholstery and the surfaces of all rooms. Buff the hardwood floors with water and cotton cloths to get rid of any fingerprints and spills.

Bathrooms consist of various surfaces, such as brass, chrome, fibreglass, porcelain, and glass. So many components may become intimidating, however, all you need is an all-purpose cleaner, a toilet bowl cleaner, and a glass cleaner. In terms of tools; a sponge, long handled toilet brush, a squeegee, paper towels, and dust cloth will help produce great results. Start by sanitizing the bowl with paper towels and solution and let the solution you pour in it stand for a while before flushing it. Clean the scum by spraying the shower tub and sink with a cleaner.

Declutter the countertop by getting rid of any finished, expired, and unused items while reorganizing the remaining products. Clean the top surface with an all-purpose solution and paper towels. Clean the mirrors and glass to make them shiny. Clear the dust out of all shelves and wipe off smudges on the wall. Vacuum and mop all areas.

The kitchen is the most tedious area of the house with numerous things in multiple cabinets and drawers. Make sure to put all the utensils, dishes, containers, and foods in designated areas. Clean the dishwasher, stove, fridge and other appliances to get rid of any spots and food remnants. Wipe down all the countertops, cabinets, and doors. Don’t forget to also thoroughly clean the oven.
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